Who are we and what do we stand for?

Please feel free to contact us on our initiative or for any other questions.


Ouder-Amstel-Energie is a cooperative with members. A cooperative is a practical, legal form in which to cooperate, for example for individuals who want to contribute to or invest in sustainable energy. This makes it possible to accommodate business activities, with an economic benefit for the members.

Core values of the cooperative

  • Generate local sustainable energy
  • Enable residents of Ouder-Amstel to share the proceeds
  • Platform for young and old to develop / assess sustainable initiatives


Establishment at Notary:


The current board consists of:


Nick van Rens
Email: niek.van.rens@ouder-amstel-energie.nl


Albert-Jan Huizing
Email: albert-jan.huizing@ouder-amstel-energie.nl


Farah Abi Morshed
Email: farah.abi.morshed@ouder-amstel-energie.nl