Your Green Journey Begins here

Mission of Ouder-Amstel Energy

Climate problems are affecting us all and will reach each and every one of us. We are all in this together, and by joining forces we can make a difference.  

But also, individual small changes in the way we live, consume and travel can already take us a very long way in helping Ouder-Amstel become carbon neutral in 2040, and therefore in contributing to the national and international targets.

Ouder-Amstel Energie is a local energy cooperative. We come from Ouder-Amstel, work with Ouder-Amstel people, for Ouder-Amstel people. In collaboration with the municipality of Ouder-Amstel, we want to help meet the region’s green targets and remove barriers for the energy transition. Together we can overcome those hurdles, both technical and financial. We can ensure realization of projects, environmental gains and savings on our energy costs. Become a member and start your green journey.

The Goal of Ouder-Amstel Energy

Clean energy is the future. And it is necessary to provide more clean electricity. As we purchase more electric cars and aim to get off gas, the demand for electricity will increase. Generating clean electricity is the only way forward to meet future demand sustainably.

Our goal is to ensure more green energy production and consumption by placing and operating solar roofs/parks, wind turbines, and storage in Ouder-Amstel area, where residents from the region can become co-owners of the assets and share the proceeds. In addition, money generated locally will be invested in local and regional sustainable and social projects.

How can Ouder-Amstel Energy help you?

Your roof is worth money

If you are not able to invest your time, money and energy to have a solar roof, we might be able to help.

We can jointly discuss a plan how we can take care of the technology, subsidy application, financing, supervision and realization.

Not your own building but a tenant

If you do not own your property but you rent it, we can put a plan together with you and the landlord. What would this mean:

For you as a tenant: environmental benefit and a lower energy bill.

For the landlord: meeting the increasingly strict environmental requirements for real estate and an increase in value.

Park, Produce and Charge Green

If you want to charge green, save CO2 and save money, we aim to achieve this by having solar parking roofs. Together we take a step towards our mission: energy-neutral Ouder-Amstel.

Wind energy

to be continued..

Together we take a step towards our mission:
energy-neutral Ouder-Amstel.

With your investment, together with us, you ensure more sustainable energy from and for Ouder-Amstel residents!